Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In Style - The Hills

My boyfriend gave me his Netflix account (as I don't have telly and coz he's a babe), so I've been watching so many trashy rom coms and reality shows!

My favourite "reality" show has to be The Hills. If you haven't watched it, where have you been!? It follows the life of Lauren Conrad who interns for Teen Vogue in LA. It chronicles the "real" lives of her and her friends as they make their way in the city.
Lauren C
Audrina P

I love the LA style. It's so relaxed, casual and always chic. It's always about looking done but chilled. I've never been able to capture it! I'm much to english eccentric - always cold, with layers and unruly hair.

I love how they can take plain separates but make them look chic by adding an oversized bag, shades and some designer jewellery.

When the weather gets warmer I'm determined to try harder at pulling off the LA look look Lauren and Audrina. And here's how:

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