Thursday, 24 January 2013

Gee's Opinions on NTA Style - 2013

Last night was the biggest night in the TV year, The National Television Awards. I haven't watched it yet, so don't spoil it for me! But of course, I had to check out the outfits! So here's the good vs the very, very ugly! 

Bang Tidy
Brooke Vincent off of Corrie
She looks A-Mazing! The long gown elongates her legs and the strapless top emphasises her petite bust. The hair swish and pout makes her look confident, which equals sexy! This is my favourite look of the night!
Caroline Flack
Now, I have to say, Caroline Flack does irritate me (it could be something to do with dating THE Harry Styles), but she looks fab here! The V-neck emphasises her actually quite big bust (who knew) and the colour looks great on her. Loving the glossy hair!
Holly Willoughby 
Holly is always gorgeous and this fitted number is perfect. A great piece of detailing on the shoulder and the fish tail brings it up to date. 
Nicole Scherzinger
This outfit has lots of fabric but is still super sexy! I'm in love with those shoes, but not so sure about the 70's gold medallion! 
Tess Daly
 The lady in red looks stunning in this skin tight number. I wish I had her legs! 
Mary Berry
This dress is gorgeous, I would love to wear this. Mary has got the Dame Helen Mirren look down. The sleeves cover the arms and the shiny blue fabric of the skirt is slimming. 

Bang Untidy
Tulisa had been wearing some great outfits recent, however I'm not a fan of white dresses with bling on the shoulder. Not to be rude but the fabric looks a bit cheap, and you can see her Spanx. Not a great red carpet look, great boobs though!
Kimberly Walsh
No, no, no, Kimberly! There are too many different angles going on here and the shoulders make her look a bit hefty. Kimberly has a fabulous figure and if the sleeves were cut off this thing, the dress would be great. The colour is beautiful! The shoes cut her at the ankles and make her legs look at lot shorter than they are. 
Helen Flanagan 
For such a good looking girl, this dress is dull! The square neckline does nothing for her figure, the nude bag and shoes are boring and the ears are just plain weird! 

Bang Unsure - I'm undecided if these outfits are hot or not! What do you think?
Michelle Keegan
I just don't know! Her body is banging, her pose fierce but white snakeskin dress? Maybe if the fabric was a plain colour, the halterneck looks fab.
Lucy from TOWIE
She looks like she's appearing on Strictly, but there are things I like. The detail around the neck and fish tail hem. However, I think there's way too much glitter. Love the new bob. 


Natalia said...

Nicole Scherzinger looked stunning x

Granny Gee said...

Yes she did! such a cool dress!! x