Sunday, 25 March 2012

iphone Loving

Hey folks, sorry i haven't posted for a few days! Went away with my fella for our one year anniversary :D woo!!!! And then upgraded my phone to an iphone, so ive been messing about with it for the past couple of days.
Reviews of our gorgeous hotel, the Hunger Games movie and the iphone 4 coming up this week! Stay tuned readers!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

French Manicures

I LOVE a good French Manicure. I always have it done if I'm treating myself to getting my nails done, the best one I had was gel finish, it lasted three weeks = incredible! I'm currently doing a DIY French Manicure, eek! I don't have the most steady hands but I try! I'm getting a bit better at getting straight tips, but I still smudge them, tut! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Found this super cool t-shirt website. You can chose your favourite rock and pop heroes and have them on a variety of coloured t-shirts.

I've always had a little space in my heart for a good band tee, it probably heralds back from my early teenage goth years when my uniform would consist of a black or purple band t-shirts with coloured jeans. Yes I know, the 13 year old me was so cool...

On you can find rock, blues, jazz, country and folk legends featuring on t-shirts. I really like how you can pick your favourite member of the band and have their image emblazened on your chest.

This is my favourite, Keef Richards ,£18.99. He is just too cool. Also available on

Flower Power Perfume

On my way to Paris a couple of weeks ago we stopped at duty free, and being me I headed straight to the beauty counters to look out for some bargains. While there I tested a few perfumes and came across my new favourite - Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb!

I'm not normally one for sweet scents, but this delight mixes sweet and musky to create my perfect fragrance! It also comes in a gorgeous pastel pink box tied with black ribbon and flower detail. I've now become obsessed with this fragrance, spraying it on myself everytime I'm whisking through the perfume departments. It would be the perfect light spring scent, can't wait till pay day!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Natural Collection Blusher

For the first time ever, someone complimented my complexion! I was on breakfast shift at work at the hotel on Sunday and one of the guest called me over, I assumed for more tea, and said that my complexion was beautiful! Wow! And it's all thanks to my new blusher from Natural Collection, a steal at only £1.99! Applied with a large, soft brush to the cheekbones, it brightens my skintone and lasts all day! A real winner girls!