Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pretty Paper Nails

Last week I bought these fantastically pretty nail wraps from Paperchase for only £4. I was warned by my flatmate that they take ages to apply so I thought I'd wait for a rainy day, or a snowy one!

How to apply:
1. Paint your nails with a clear base coat.
2. If your nails are small, like mine (I have the hands of a small toddler), you may need to cut the wraps to the size of your nails.
3. Gently press the wrap onto your finger, smoothing out any bumps or air bubbles.
4. Hold the wrap down for about 30 seconds and if it seems not to be sticking, heat up the nail by holding a hairdryer over it for another few seconds.
5. Finish with a top coat of clear varnish.

It did take me a good portion of the evening to perfect the application, but the overall effect looks gorgeous.
They've now been on my nails for four days and have stayed on much better than I expected with some chipping at the tips and only one peeling half way off. These are definitely something for a special event as they do take ages!
The only strange thing was that they give you twelve nail wraps per sheet...I'm assuming it's in case you make mistakes and not because I'm missing a finger from each hand!

What do you think about nail wraps and do you recommend any other nail art I should try?


Natalia said...

I never tried nail wraps actually, but I do nail art from time to time :) x

Megan said...

Hi, I've nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog! Check out my blog for details! Somethingtosay-fashion.blogspot.com

Granny Gee said...

Aw thanks Megan! :D xxx