Monday, 28 January 2013

The Everyday Woman

We had a lecture today about fashion in relation to the everyday woman. We explored ideas of why women chose what to wear in the morning and how they get ready.

This got me thinking why I wear what I wear. Today I woke up early to catch the train back to university and just wanted to be super comfy! I wore a leopard print midi dress, black boots and a blue hoodie. 

But if I hadn't been on a train all day I would have totally worn this dress differently. For example, if I was to wear it for an evening at the pub I would pair it with my heeled chelsea boots and a grey chunky cardigan with fur trim.

However, when I thought about it, the most difference would be my makeup. My beauty routine for a night out means I would top up my foundation, blusher and mascara. I would add a flick of eyeliner, a smoky or brown eyeshadow and a lipstick (normally in a rosy pink or coral).  

I would definitely say that I dress for an occasion rather than always in a certain way. When I was younger I wouldn't worry about the weather or what I was doing that day. I would choose an outfit because I liked it and then complain about being cold afterwards.

Nowadays, I buy something because it will go with other things in my wardrobe and be appropriate for lots of occasions. I think this is partly due to growing up, but also because being a student means that I can't justify buying clothes purely because it's cute. 

So, readers, why do you wear what you wear?

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