Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Kissing Giraffes

Evening readers! As you'll know, I'm a sucker for a cute animal print! And what could be cuter than giraffes kissing!

This is a lovely little skirt from Topshop, £38.

If I could wear white without throwing food all over myself then I would be snapping this up. However, I'm going to wait and see if they bring it out in another colour, I would be devastated if I ruined the giraffes by spilling baked beans/chocolate/diet coke down them! (I'm very clumsy!) 


Kelly Lelly said...

I posted about this a whil ago I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE IT
so expensive though :(

Granny Gee said...

Yeh it is very expensive for a skirt! But so cute!


Júh Britto ♥ said...

The Granny okay?
What a beautiful thing to print this exit loved


Megan said...

Oh it's so pretty! Love it x

Paula Welcia said...

Super blog :)
Do you want to follow each other?
and bloglovin?

Jackie Harrison said...

Enjoy your post . Going to follow you on bloglovin.

Emma Minter said...

Oh my goodness :) This is amazing !!
Giraffes are my favourite animal & the skirt is super pretty :)

Great find

Love Em, from

Gemma Talbot said...

This is gorgeous, such a pretty print and I love monochrome at the minute x

Maybe Its Megan Leigh said...

What a cute print, love the style of the skirt too.
Megan xx

Lucy Elizabeth King said...

Cutest skirt!!! love it xx