Friday, 31 May 2013

Decorating Glass Tumblers

I wanted to make my good friend (and beautiful model), Miss Katie Smith, something a bit different for her birthday this year.

She's just got back from a trip to Africa and took some amazing photos! So I thought what better than having them printed on a glass to keep and look at forever!

I used glass tumblers/beakers, and decorated them with wrapping paper using watered down PVA glue.  I wouldn't try putting these in the dish washer and even hot water may cause them to peel, so I'm advising that if you make them you can use them as pen pots, makeup storage, tooth brush holders or even tea light stands (place them inside or on the base, just watch they don't get too hot!).

These are the wrapping paper pieces that I covered the glasses in. And the special one for Katie was with printed photographs. 

PVA glue mixed with water. I just put a little water in until the consistency looked right. A bit milk like I would say. 

Paste some of the PVA mix onto the paper and place it where you want on the wrapping paper. Then roll it, smoothing air bubbles as you go. With the excess paper at the ends, snip down to the base in little strips, then glue them down onto the base of the glass.

Then cover the whole lot in PVA glue to seal it. This is the Safari cup.

Finished cups! I really like them, what do you think? 


Merilin Raidmets said...

this is so awesome idea! definately gonna try this, my mum's birthday is coming up :p

Merilin xx

Phoebe Bialkowski said...

This is such a lovely idea! I think you could even create a photo collage of you and your friend on the glass to make them extra special! X

Emily Benton said...

Hi Georgia,

These are absolutely amazing!! I love your blog have really enjoyed reading some of your posts.

I'm now following you, my blog is still a baby in the blogging world and I would really appreciate it if you had a minute to stop by and give me some feedback!!

Emily xxx

Toni said...

These are amazing! Really cute :)

Marlen said...

what a fun birthday present- i love how thoughtful and personalized it was! and woah Africa, she must have had quite the adventure :)

xo marlen
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lauren, curious constellation said...

This is such a sweet idea and a great way to store momentos!

Yinyin said...

This is such a wonderful DIY idea! I love it!

Yinyin xx