Thursday, 16 May 2013

Don't Stop The Party

How amazing did Cara Delevingne look at Cannes!? 



Must have been some night eh, Cara? 

I think it's important that these images get seen, as much as I think Cara is an amazing model. I think young girls need to know how much work goes into making those models look they way they do on red carpets & shoots. And how much post-production is done afterwards. 

Stunning photo!

All images from the Daily Mail website. 


Mai said...

Last photograph is breathtaking!

Maybe Its Megan Leigh said...

She has heavy contouring, but in all three pics she looks gorgeous.
Megan xx

Shannon Boyce said...

She looked amazing!

Amy Liddell said...

Cara is amazing, she's just so normal and down to earth!

Natalia said...

Cool post, I love her and that dress is gorgeous but she did look rough after haha :) x

Seeking Style said...

Love her!

xo Jennifer