Sunday, 21 April 2013

Slip & Slide

New Slippers!

I am an old lady (hence the name Granny Gee) and I do love a comfortable pair of slippers to wear around the house. So, when my knitted bootie slippers gained a huge hole in the sole, it was time for a replacement pair.

I couldn't find any slippers in New Look (I guess people don't buy them in the summer season, but it's still so cold!), so I went into Tesco and they had these little beauties. And the best part, they were only £6! I think they look a bit Accessorise style! Love the lining too. 


Kelly Lelly said...

I have 7 pairs of slippers,
And on the last counts 21 pairs of slipper socks!
I am SO terrible.

I really love your blog :)

Kelly || My Blog: Day Dreams & Daisy Chains || ♥

Amina Parker said...

I have so many pairs of slippers. You can honestly never have enough. I even have a pair in my car for when I drive.
Your new ones are adorable. Such a good buy :)

Amina <3 Oh just one more!

Shannon Boyce said...

Oh these are so so so cute!

Milex said...

so much to love

SLB * said...


GraciiousMe said...

I love wearing slippers and these are super-cute!

Just to let you know that I've nominated you for Liebster Blog Award

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t said...

Nice slippers!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog! Now following, you can check out my blog and follow back via GFC or Bloglovin' if you wish(:


Anonymous said...

These look so cosy! I have some monkey ones from Primark which I literally live in haha xo

Granny Gee said...

Thanks everyone :)

Thanks Kelly! Wow 7 pairs, you should totally do a blog post about them! :) Really love your blog too!


Ashii said...

Everyone needs a comfy pair of slippers for around the house!
Thanks for visiting my blog, following you now through gfc & bloglovin. I'd appreciate it if you followed through gfc too :)