Sunday, 28 October 2012

Is this sexy?

I was browsing the New Look sale on their website (as I do on a regular basis!) and came across this gruesome image of Caprice. I always thought New Look to be a brand that promoted a healthy body image. They employ Kelly Brook who is known for her curvy, but in proportion, body and have collaborated with the likes of Lily Allen and Fearne Cotton. However, when I saw this picture I was shocked. The image has surely been manipulated in a major way. If it hasn't then this girl is in need for a serious amount of cake. You can see three ribs protruding out of her and her waist is ridiculously small. Her upper body looks a lot fuller than her lower half, which makes me think New Look has photoshopped the hell out of the woman. And her face is just a pouting advert for botox and lip fillers.
I really thought New Look was better than this; it has such a young fan base that it needs to be careful with the images it feeds them. Please New Look, more Kelly Brook, less fakery.

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