Saturday, 20 October 2012

Grace: A Memoir

Ever since watching The September Issue (a biopic following the making of an issue of US Vogue) I have been fascinated by US Vogue's Creative Director, Grace Coddington. The way she seemed to be the driving force to the magazine was truly inspiring, and I think her memoirs could hold the secrets to how she works.
Coddington was a model for the likes of Norman Parkinson and Willie Christie in the 1960's. She knew David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton and continues to be a major fashion player to this day. I'm so excited to read her new autobiography entitled, 'Grace: A Memoir.' She is undoubtedly going to have some amazing stories about the industry. Here's a little teaser:

Speaking about the photographer David Bailey "he had a harem of pretty girls available to him and a widely promiscuous reputation. 'David Bailey makes love daily' was the famously racy saying of the day." (from 'Grace: A Memoir' released the 22nd November)

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