Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Strangest Springer Spaniel

  Perro turned five years old last week. His favourite things are walks, tuna and fleece fabrics. He is a pedigree Springer Spaniel from a line of prize-winning gun dogs. He is gun shy.
  This makes his owner very upset. His owner is a farmer who bought him to collect the fallen birds on shoots. But Perro hides in the bathroom whenever there is gunfire or fireworks. 
  He was chosen by the farmer's daughter who instantly fell for Perro's charms when he chewed her shoelaces. He was brought back to their house in the country, where he soon learnt peeing on clothes was not acceptable. Perro was taught the basics: sit, fetch and paw. He refused to learn to lie down and to this day will cock his head in a confused manner when asked to.
  He only barks at people wearing hats. He only paddles in the sea. He only sits on the front seat of the car. His best friend is a German Pointer named Meg, they like to meet up at the pub. When the farmer knocks over a pint, Perro is happy to lick it up for him.     
  His favourite thing to do in the whole world, is sit next to the fire with his boss, the farmer. He gets his tummy tickled and a nice bit of tuna to nibble on. Yum yum. He likes jumping around in the fields, bounding like a hare and getting utterly filthy. Then shaking on the person walking him; his tongue hanging out of his mouth as though he is grinning. What a happy dog.   

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