Friday, 5 October 2012

Cosy Coats

I'm currently on the (long) hunt to find the perfect cosy winter coat. It's proving to be a difficult task. Due to my legs being rather short I need a coat that's not too long, otherwise I look like a child dressing up in her mother's outfits. But also not so short that my small of my back gets cold, I hate that. I really wanted a duffle coat that I've seen a couple of girls wearing but I never get the chance to ask them where it's from as they run away from me quite fast - probably because I'm staring at them rather intensely!
So, until I manage to get hold of these mysterious ladies in lovely coats, here are the current runners for my winter coat 2k12.

Faux Fur £65 Next

Duffle Coat £49 Red Herring and Debenhams

1 comment:

rachelizabeth said...

I'd say go with the duffle coat :) the fur is also really nice but will be ruined once it gets wet in the rain! xx