Friday, 19 April 2013

What's in my handbag?

A quick post today to show you my everyday handbag essentials.

(from left to right) 
1. Neutrogena Hand cream (the best hand cream out there) 

2. Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter

3. Blue Biro (something an aspiring journalist should never be without!)

4. Sunglasses (waaay to big for my face, I bought them for a £1 from H&M for a 60's photo-shoot and use them for driving)

5. Paperchase Diary

6. Accessorize Purse 

7. Paul & Joe Lipstick

8. Polos

9. Nivea Lip Balm

These are my top three lipsticks/balms that I always carry around. The Nivea lip balm in Soft Rose is brilliant. It keeps your lips soft while providing a really lovely pink colour and shines like a gloss.

The Paul & Joe lipstick is really soft and sumptuous. These peach/coral tone (for some reason it looks pinker than it is, in the picture!), is a really pretty nude colour for everyday.

And the Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter  in Sugar Frosting is a lovely colour, not to dissimilar to my natural colour, so I just use it to gain a little shimmer. 

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Amina Parker said...

You biro is adorable.
I also carry more than one lip product on me. It just depends where I am going and what look I want :)
I followed you on Bloglovin and GFC

Kelly Lelly said...

I love this post!
I work in PaperChase and was eyeing up this diary for ages! :)

Kelly || My Blog: Day Dreams & Daisy Chains || <3

Granny Gee said...

Thanks Amina! So true, you never know when you might need a different lippy! I'm following you too :)

Thanks Kelly :) I'm obsessed with Paperchase! I think I go in there about three times a week just for a look around! haha! You're so lucky to work there!