Thursday, 11 April 2013

Revlon Baby Stick Review

This product is so cute! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it!

I bought it in a pastel pink colour which looks lovely! It creates a soft, flushed effect and brings a bit of colour to the cheeks.

The product is incredibly soft and you have to layer it up to create a stronger colour. I would definitely recommend this as a day blusher because the effect looks natural. When you touch your face, you can feel the product but it leaves the skin feeling soft and not at all heavy like some blushers.

I've compared it to my normal MAC Powder Blusher which I've had since last May. My MAC blusher has lasted for so long! I wear it almost everyday and it still has loads left! I think I have it in the Melba shade (it's a coral-peach tone but I've had it for so long the name has rubbed away), but I think I prefer the pastel pink shade of the Revlon Baby Stick.

However, if you want a blusher to show up on a night out, then I would say choose the MAC powder and save the Revlon for the daytime.

What's your favourite blusher?


Emily Jane said...

This blusher looks lovely on you!
I've been using the same old Bourjois blusher for so long, i need to branch out and try something new!


Granny Gee said...

Aw, thanks! I really like it!

Go for it! I'd been using the same makeup for ages but I've been slowly updating my makeup bag, it's nice to have a change!


kellyyes said...

That does look like Melba. I own that shade and it doesn't look nearly as good on me as it does on you. It pulls a bit brown on me but on you it actually gives such a pretty peachy color.