Saturday, 6 April 2013

Product Review: ESPA 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser

If you read my last product review, I was explaining how I came about a sample of an ESPA product and was given a lovely gift voucher for the brand.

Well, this is what I chose:


I was hoping to revive the dry skin on my face with this product. This is how they described it on the website: 
"A richly hydrating face cream to help diminish early signs of ageing"
"A deeply replenishing moisturiser to nourish even sensitive skin while it helps delay the early signs of ageing. Potent Myrrh, Frankincense and Neroli stimulate cell renewal, while Vitamin E-rich Peach Kernel Oil protects against environmental aggressors. Nourishing Evening Primrose and Jojoba moisturise for soft, comforted, supple skin."

This sounded perfect! Deeply moisturising, that can deal with my sensitive skin AND prolong ageing! Perfect!

I was so excited when it arrived. I was also sent some more lovely free samples (reviews coming soon!).

So, down to the review. Like the other ESPA moisturiser I've tried, the cream is rich, thick and smooth. It does the job perfectly, making my skin feel smoother after one night. 

However, I've only ever used this product once. This is because, again, of the unpleasant smell. It is a very natural, almost wheat-like kind of smell. But it is very overpowering. Even the boyfriend noticed it! I will use it again as I think it is a really good product, but I personally don't like the smell. 

Have you tried any ESPA products and do you find the smell overpowering? 


Shannon Boyce said...

Oh I hate when it doesn't have a nice smell. I never want to use it, even when it's a good product!

Diana said...

I don't like Products which don't have a great smell. Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

Granny Gee said...

Oh I know! It's really put me off it! But I'm determined to try again for the sake of my skin! haha!

Thanks for following :D love your blog and followed you back!


Pretty Little Lives said...

I'm a little fussy when it comes to the scent of products, I always find myself smelling things before I purchase them!
I hate it when products don't smell good!

You have a lovely blog! :)

Natasha Carly x

Granny Gee said...

Yeh I'm the same! I normally always smell them before, but it was over the internet :/

Thank you! You have a lovely blog too! I'm now a follower :) I hope you'll follow back


Grace D. said...

I have Elizabeth Arden's moisturizer and it has weird smell too. But, It is a really great product that impressed me big time.