Saturday, 13 April 2013

How to...dress like The Strypes

While writing an exhibition review for uni the other day, I was listening to Spotify. I had the Radio 1 Playlist on and came across the band, The Strypes!

These guys rock, literally! I'm a big fan of The Stones (going to see them in Hyde Park in July! So excited!), and The Strypes have a similar 60's rhythm and blues vibe. This Irish Quartet have signed to Sir Elton John's Rocket Music management company and are even playing at Glasto. 

But if this isn't impressive enough, these boys haven't even finished high school! The youngest is just 15 years old! I'm predicting big things from them! Their first single Blue Collar Jane is super catchy, check it out here.

Really loving their sixties, mod style. I'd describe it as a cross between The Stones and Oasis, with skinny jeans, blazers, crisp collars and dark sunglasses. 

Here's what to wear to one of their gigs: 

Really hope they'll be playing a gig near me soon!

Have you been listening to any great new bands recently?


Leigh Stronach said...

Love the outfits you have created!

Granny Gee said...

Thank you! Really like ur blog too!! :) I'm now a follower!