Monday, 8 April 2013

Today's Beauty Buys

Today's Beauty Buys: 
Revlon Baby Stick - Tint For Lips & Cheeks

If you read my April Beauty Wishlist you'll know I was hoping to buy some more of the amazing Collection 2000 eyeliner - the only liquid eyeliner I can use super fast which doesn't smudge easily.

I also really wanted to try a cream style blusher, but when I saw this cute Baby Stick tint I couldn't resist it! I think there were three or four colours, and it can be used for the lips or cheeks! The one I've got is in a pastel pink - although it's come up a brighter pink on the photo. I'll do a review soon. 

Have you tried the Revlon Baby Stick? 


Shannon Boyce said...

I've never seen that baby stick - it looks too cute!

Hannah Louisa said...

Looking forward to seeing your review of the baby stick! It looks soo cute xx

Granny Gee said...

Thanks girls :) it does look super cute! Review coming soon! (I used it today!)


Jordan Alice said...

I save the Baby Sticks in Boots the other day and loved them! The shade you got is really pretty xx

Benlovesting said...

So lovely! X