Thursday, 21 February 2013

Style Crush - Juno Temple

With a name that sounds like an old Hollywood starlet, how could she be anything other than an actress? Who am I talking about? My new style crush, Juno Temple.
Since seeing her in Wild Child with crushed blonde curls, she was on my fashion radar. I think her hair is what really caught my eye. My hair does absolutely nothing, it is untameable! It refuses to be straight or curly and with any style I put it in, it will come undone no matter how much hairspray. So when I see a girl with hair like that, I am a bit mesmerised! 

Love how the circle of her skirt is replicated in the circle of her bun. Clever. Nice shoes also. 
Looking elegant at the BAFTAs where she won the Rising Star Award.

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Kathryn Briggs said...

AAAH I love her too - she's so great. She wore a great block red suit to LFW too.

Check my blog out if you get a minute (its only just started haha)