Monday, 18 February 2013

Sneak Peak...60's Photoshoot

On Saturday, it was time for another photo-shoot. I needed to get some photo/video/audio content for a website I'm making for university with some behind the scenes info about fashion photo-shoots. So, I was taking the photos and my lovely friend Karen took some video of me directing the models and doing their hair & make up.

Before the shoots I always take photos of each outfit with accessories so I remember how I want each model styled. For this shoot I had two gorgeous models, Lottie and Hester. I wanted some shots to be in black and white and some in pop art colours - hence the bright outfit choices.
Just a few I've edited so far!

Thanks to my lovely models Lottie and Hester, and my camera lady Karen! 

These images are Copyright of Georgia Watson Photography 2013. They are not to be used without permission of the owner. 

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