Thursday, 21 March 2013

Today's BIG News...

Well, if you haven't already heard about it...where have you been today?!!

H&M have confirmed the one, the only, BEYONCE, as their summer campaign model.

According to H&M bosses, Beyonce helped to pick out the pieces on offer. The Swedish fashion brand said that their summer collection has been inspired by Beyonce's individual style. It features sultry swim and beachwear, and is reported to have a "sense of paradise."

Sounds lush to me! I'm sure this collection will be flying of the racks quicker than Beyonce tour tickets! If that's possible! The first photo is amazing, just look at her super long legs!

H&M have chosen a perfect match here, with so many girls aspiring to be, and look, like Beyonce; this range offers them the chance to be that one step closer to their idol.


Charlotte said...

Cute blog, and Beyoncé is amazing!

Granny Gee said...

Thank you! Yours is too! I know, she is stunning!! x