Tuesday, 12 March 2013

China Doll Boutique Competition

I'm totally crushing on China Doll Boutique's clothes at the moment, so I thought I'd enter their competition.

Here's my entry:

Dress, £32, China Doll Boutique

Clutch, £35, Accessorize

Blazer, £29.99, New Look

Necklace, £16.50, Topshop

Watch, £20, Asos

Heels, £59, Miss Selfridge

= £192.49

Check out China Doll Boutique, here. 


i.s. said...

love these selects! darling blog you have. i'm now following you on gfc - hope you follow back xx
love from across the pond, www.vicariousLA.com

Kathryn Briggs said...

Aaah I did this post with the same dress! I love your look too. Check mine out?


Granny Gee said...

No waaay! I didn't know you had a blog kathryn! totally followed you on bloglovin :) that dress is sooo cute and could be worn with so many things! fingers crossed one of us wins it!

followed you both :) thanks for commenting!!


Candyliquor UK said...

oo the dress and blazer are super cute!!

UK High Street Fashion

Granny Gee said...

thank you! I like your blog! followed you :)


Rosa said...

great outfit, really love the heels and the necklace x


terrileanne x said...

I love the blazer xx

ide love if you checked my blog , 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk

Lauren Jade said...

The watch is so cute i love it!

Lauren-Jade @ Dainty Bones