Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Sunny ASOS Day!

Spring has sprung! Or so it seems. I was woken this morning by sun shining and the doorbell ringing - my ASOS delivery was here!
So here's a couple of things I bought:
Mustard tassel handbag, £30. I love the chain handle! 
Studded slipper shoes, £35. These are going to be perfect for my internship! 
I also bought a plain black jumper and a baroque skater skirt. However, I'm not sure if I'm going to keep them. They were for my internship (I was going to wear the jumper with a neon necklace or pearl collar), but I don't know if I like how they fit. I'll do an outfit post if I do decide to keep them! 

My internship starts in a week and a half (super nervous! this will be my fourth internship but I still get nervous on the first day!). I've been told to wear smart casual, which is the most difficult of dress codes! I was thinking of wearing some black and white aztec leggings with a green blazer for my first day. And now I can add my new shoes and bag!

 Do you have any tips for dressing for a work placement? 


Chloe Aitchison said...

In love with that bag! Stunning!
Chloe xo

Granny Gee said...

thank you!! me too! I find it's going to bring a pop of colour to my outfits! :) x

Angela said...

Nice haul! ASOS is awesome but shipping is too much to Canada :(

Cute blog! Want to follow each other?

Rosa said...

the shoes are lovely. Good luck with the internship! I've been looking for one for this summer. Great post, now following via GFC :)


Lilie said...

LOVING those shoes!!!

If anyone is at all interested, i've just posted a giveaway up on my blog.

Granny Gee said...

thanks guys! i've followed you all and love your blogs :) getting a bit obsessed with blogging and reading blogs right now! really should be doing uni work! hehe x