Monday, 30 September 2013

They Call It Bunny Love

I've noticed a trend! Bunny Rabbits!

I have to admit, I do already own the slippers! They are so cute!! Look at those ears! 


Shannon Boyce said...

Everything is so so cute!

CharlotteHavs said...

I love everything, but the sweatshirt is perticually lovely! Shame it's £24 though, bit overpriced...still nice though


Andrea said...

It looks like each year a different animal is in fashion! :) I love the bags from Next but I don't think I'd justify that price! Haha! Cute though :)
Keep in touch!
Andrea xxx

Marlen said...

aww the SLIPPERS! we might have to be twins- i'd love to get that pair, haha! ;)

xo marlen
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Heather said...

CUTE - Love the pjs and slippers :)

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness