Thursday, 12 September 2013

Back Catalogue

Today I've been looking through my back catalogue of fashion shoots to decide what to put onto my website. Here's a little preview!

 Mirror Shoot - Exploring reflections in fashion photography for university

Fantasy Fashion 

I found my first go at fashion photography, for media A Levels! I miss those tights. 

Fifties fashion shoot in Ziggy's Diner, Aldeburgh. 

90's Grunge Shoot

Sixties shoot for a fashion photography website I created for my uni course.

Please don't use these images without my permission, if you'd like to use them drop me an email! :)

1 comment:

Sophie Isles said...

Hi, I like your photos, I'm a sort of photographer and have just started blogging and I've just put up a shoot I did the other day. I'd love you to check it out