Sunday, 13 October 2013

Vintage Mischief

Yesterday the boyf and I did a bit of antiques shopping! I went to my current favourite vintage store that has furniture, clothes and collectables in Beccles, Suffolk. It's called Vintage Mischief and is tucked away behind the town centre and truly is a treasure trove of gorgeous items!

As soon as we came in I saw this amazing white dressing table through a doorway and literally galloped over to it.

It's a Louis style dressing table from the 1960's with intact three piece mirror and stool! It also had matching bedroom furniture set, such as bedside tables, chest of drawers, ottoman and headboards. Unfortunately, being a student I couldn't afford to buy the whole set (I really wish I could! They are so beautiful!), but I did also buy the full length mirror. 

Ahhhhh I love it!!!! I'll take photo's once I've got them home. :)

Check out their Facebook too!


Andrea said...

Ahh the set is absolutely gorgeous :) I'm so jealous that you bought the mirror and bet it would look amazing in any house :) can't wait to see pictures! It would be the perfect mirror to twirl in front of before a night out, haha!

... only me? :P

Keep in touch :)


MarĂ­a Rubio said...

Love it ♥


Amy Deverson said...

I aspire to be a journalist so you are a major inspiration to me! Do you enjoy it?
Also, I'm considering going to Southampton Uni too, to do journalism. Would you reccommend the Uni? I can't decide!
P.s lovely blog - now following!
x x