Friday, 23 August 2013

New Geek Glasses!

I needed to get some new glasses last week as unfortunately my eyesight has gotten worse, boo! The upside is that I got to choose some fabulous new geek glasses!

I was thinking after I'd left the opticians how much attitudes towards glasses have changed in the past year or two.

When I first needed glasses, aged 11 or 12, they were seriously uncool. I needed them to see the blackboard so I couldn't not wear them to school. At that age when you're starting to become self aware, it wasn't the best time for me to get glasses, a weight problem and braces. Oh dear!

However, if I was to be a 12 year old nowadays, I would be so cool in my geek glasses! Even models like Cara whatsaname and The Little Mix girls all wear them! I think if I was a pre-teen nowadays I could have a bit more confidence in the way I looked in my glasses, such a shame! But brilliant for kids now. Just because you wear glasses, it doesn't mean you're a geek, it means you can't see what is written in front of you! And now it means you have great style! Woo!!


Shannon Boyce said...

I was the same way. I needed glasses when I was young. At my school, if you had glasses, you were picked on and bullied. So, I never wore them and my vision got worse. Glasses are seen as cooler now and I'm glad! Love these!

Andrea said...

I got glasses at 15ish but despised wearing them! I'd pull them on to read the board and then take them off! I had grey/blue frames originally which probably weren't me! Now I have larger almost hipster-y glasses after my optician was like "geeky glasses really suit you!" - I think that's a backhanded compliment? Haha!
You look lovely in these glasses so I'll pass the same compliment on to you!! :)
Keep in touch!
Andrea xx

Eloise said...

Your new glasses look fab, sometimes I wouldn't mind needing glasses just so I could try out some geek frames!


Megan Roisin said...

I can't wait for my next eye test - seriously want to update my glasses :)
Thank you for following me!
Megan x | MeganRoisinn

Emily Knott said...

Love these!