Monday, 8 July 2013

Wish You Were Here...Weather Permitting

I know this has turned into a bit of a music blog in the last few days, but I have another band to rave about! Ever since I heard Take Me Out, back when I was in year 10 or something ridiculous, I have been more than a little in love with Franz Ferdinand (the band, not the dead historical figure, obvs).

Their new album is out at the end of August and they have released the video to their first single, Right Action. Check it people!

I know it's typical Franz, a catchy riff, key change and do do doooos BUT I love it! Something to bop along to in the car that's for sure! I just wish that they played in England more nowadays! I saw them in 2009 at Latitude Fest and (apart from the Rolling Stones gig) that was the best I'd ever been too! They were so upbeat, got everyone dancing and were spot on with their music.

Anyway, I'll try and make my next post a bit more fashion based, but I'll see permitting!


Shannon Boyce said...

Their music is so great!

Granny Gee said...

Yeah it is Shannon! :) I'm glad I've found another Franz fan! x