Sunday, 7 July 2013

Whoo Whoo...The Rolling Stones

Yesterday I went to see the Rolling Stones at Hyde Park and, my god, they were amazing! (As a warning this post will be full of endless gibbering about how good they were!)

They started the set with a bang of fireworks and Start me up. Jagger swaggered on (had to write it) in a gold embroidered jacket and Keith rocked up with a burberry tartan scarf draped over one shoulder and his trademark hairband. They are literally too cool! I don't know how they did it at their age (they're nearing seventy) but they had boundless energy! Jagger was dancing around, strutting down the catwalk that stuck out the front of the stage into the audience.

Even Mick Taylor joined them on the stage for a song to reminisce his first ever gig with them in 1969 on that very stage - A-M-AZING!

They played my fave song (Bitch-coz love is a bitch. True story) and finished the encore with Satisfaction! I have to say I think that was the best gig I've ever gone to! They played with such energy and enjoyment that it was just fantastic to be there! And it was lovely to have gone with my dad and brother too! My dad saw them in the 70s and thought they were even better now than back then!

But anyway, I'll stop rambling and post an OOTD for yesterday. Excuse the pitchfork in the foreground, I live on a farm if I haven't mentioned!

Sunhat - old
Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Fatface 

Me, Dad and Bro at Hyde Park! 



Amina Parker said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun :) Love your outfit!

Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

Laura Cripps said...

You wore the dress! It looks so cute giiiiirl, glad you had a good time!! xxxx

Granny Gee said...

Aww thanks Amina! And yes I did Lauurraaa :D hehe was amazing! Can't wait to see ur face again sooon! xxxx