Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I'm now on my third day at my internship at Ideal Home! It's been really interesting so far; I've been finding images for their Ideal v Great deal features (if your familiar with the mag you'll know what I'm talking about!) and I've been writing captions and sells. Hopefully next week I may be able to go along to a shoot. Being in London is very different to the Suffolk countryside. Today I've seen a man in a suit drinking a can of Stella, a lady cycling in wedge heeled boots, a lady in flip flops in the rain and a gangster listening to Adele very loudly on his iPod! And it's only lunchtime! You wouldn't get that in Suffolk! They'd be cycling in their hunters while drinking aspalls.
P.s I'm hearing alot of talk about the Xmas issue! My lips are sealed!

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