Monday, 25 June 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour

I've loved HP since I first read the Philosophers Stone aged about 9 or 10. I always expected an owl to drop off a letter inviting me to go Hogwarts aged eleven but sadly, I'm a muggle folks!
So when I heard about the Studio Tour from a friend I couldn't wait to go, and what better an occasion than my 21st Birthday! My eleven year old self was squealing in excitement and the 21 year old me wasn't much different!
I went to the HP world at Orlando Universal Studios last summer (by the way don't try their Butterbeer it's foul!) so I was slightly worried that it would be very similar however it wasn't in the slightest!
There are lots of props from all the films including moving animatronics and costumes. They also had the sets of Privet Drive and the Potter's cottage which you could have your photo taken in front of! I wont spoil it too much Potter fan but lets just say you can fly a broom and leave with Harry's wand! An amazing day out and an amazing birthday! Here's some sneaky photos!

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