Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Movie Marathon Afternoon!

Today I handed in two of my final assignments for the term, yay! Only a nine hour law exam to go on Friday :/ eeek!

So to celebrate, I watched a few classic 80's teen flicks.

First off was Pretty In Pink! The most classic of the bunch! If you haven't watched it, you should definitely do it! Andie is a one of the few feisty female characters of the early teen flick.

She wears what she wants, she supports her unemployed dad, fights for the man she loves and doesn't give in to the preppy (and jerky) jock. Plus, her clothes are pretty awesum and the soundtrack rocks.

How fantastic is this dress?!

The next one I watched was Tuff Turf made in 1985. It also stars James Spader, the year before he plays the above jerky jock. It's got THE most amazing 80's outfits (think Madonna in lycra and leg warmers).

Spader plays Morgan, the new kid who falls for the girlfriend of the toughest guy in school. Mayhem. Kim Richards, who plays Frankie, is so beautiful and has the longest, blondest hair in the world! Girl crush!

And watch out for a super young Robert Downey Jr.

A bit James Dean esque, dont't cha think?


Finally, to round off a movie marathon afternoon, I watched Can't Buy Me Love. This one has a teenage Patrick Dempsey playing a nerdy high schooler who pays the head cheerleader to go out with him in a bid to make him more popular.

This '87 movie is similar to the common themes that crops up in later teen films such as Cruel Intentions and 10 Things I Hate About You, so if those are in your list of favourite films, then this is deffo one to watch!




Shannon Boyce said...

Wait - a nine hour exam??? Oh my gosh! That is insane. I hope it goes well!
I love 80s movies, especially ones with Molly Wingwald.

Granny Gee said...

thanks babe! i hope it goes well too! :/ eek! x

Tori said...

These all look great. Today might just turn into a movie marathon :). I hope your exam went well!