Sunday, 11 November 2012

Southampton Vintage Fair

Last weekend I went to a Vintage Fair in Southampton's Guildhall. I'd never been in the Guildhall before, it's like stepping back in time - the perfect venue! There were about 50 stalls packed into the hall all of which displaying gorgeous vintage garments. As with a lot of vintage nowadays, a lot of it was from the 1980's. However, the trend for oversized jumpers and denim hot-pants means the 80's is profitable for the vintage seller. I was looking for 1940's outfits for a photoshoot I'm doing but unfortunately there weren't many in good condition. There were some gorgeous 50's dresses, one being a baby pink prom dress with velvet pastel flowers on the skirt. It was in amazing condition for the age. My favourite however had to be a dark green 50's day dress with brown fur trimming around collar. At £35 is seemed to be a steal, but the condition was so good I had my doubts about it's authenticity. It would have been so gorgeous to wear though! Here's some pics from the day: 

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