Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Today I bought....

Hi Readers!
Had a really good day today, found out I got a 2:1 on my research folder and a first in another module at uni! :D

So to celebrate I spent the rest of my Christmas money and vouchers. And this is what I bought:

This gorgeous Aztec scarf is from Urban Outfitters. I really wanted to buy a snood but I they drown me and emphasis my tiny height! So when I felt the softnesss of this scarf with the on trend pattern I knew it would be my Winter/Spring staple.
I also bought an Urban Outfiter's t-shirt which is white with black design and slogan saying 'Radical' and a silver cross pendant necklace. I then ventured over to Topshop and purchased a pair of blue and white stripy denim shorts which will go perfectly with my top!
Hopefully get a pic up soon when I've sorted my camera out.

(Image from urbanoutfitters.co.uk)

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