Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beauty Bloggers - I Need YOU!

I've just cut my hair really short, well, a lot shorter than I intended! And I need the advice of some beauty bloggers! I need some products that will give my short locks volume and some advice about how to style it!

Get in touch if you have any ideas! Maybe we could do a collaboration on a post with my before and after photos!
Much Love x


Unknown said...

I'm here to help (I hope) I cut my hair SO short 2 years ago because of the damage and I had to keep cutting it for over a year, so I have some short hair experience. Firstly, products to volumise.. Tresemme Volume Mousse or Tresemme 24hour Body Blow Dry Lotion spray. Styling.. Curled short hair can actually be so cute, that's one (and the only) thing I miss about my short hair. Simple straight hair is adorable too. Ponytails are a whole different problem with short hair, as cute as they can look, because of the different layers and/or lengths in the hair when bunched together, it can look really uneven, so try it, but don't be too disheartened if it doesn't work or look right. I'm only talking from personal experience but there are so many videos on YouTube you could look up :) I like the way you've clipped your hair up here.

Lilie | mintcandylilies

Halley said...

I love using the Tresemme 24hr body root boosting spray, or if its second day hair then I use the Vo5 dry backcomb spray, its a bit like a dry shampoo but doesnt leave your hair powdery, just with loads of volume, hope that helps :) xx

Tori Dickey said...

When I had short hair I used to love putting it into a small ponytail. I also found leaving it straight and pinning the very front up look good as well. I would definitely use some kind of mousse and root lifting sprays like the other women said :).

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